Welcome Back! Also: Supersoakers

HELLO AGAIN! It is good to be back! So i was thinking about warm weather and...
After that, i started to think about adding a guest star to the new comic! it was RAD!
Alright, well, i hope none of you lost heart over the hiatus, because i sure didn't! I'm taking great classes this quarter and that rocks. It's also springtime, which is equally awesome. Not a whole lot of other news, other than that hawaii was great and seattle is better than when i left it a few weeks ago.

This day In Song: The Rumble Strips - Motorcycle

This day In Links: Name Irk's Baby!

Next Update tomorrow or saturday. Once again, it's good to be back!


Official Hiatus until March 29th

Well, friends, i have some news that may upset you.

To preface this i may as well define what JabberComix is. JabberComix is a way for me to dialogue (read: argue) with my own depressive tendencies. Jabber and Babble represent different things, which are linked intimately with the dichotomy of Innocence and Experience as explored by William Blake's poetic series (sometimes described as a graphic novel) "Songs of Innocence and of Experience".

Now that that's out of the way, i may as well say what i intend to say. I have to take a break from JabberComix. One side of me is winning the argument and i haven't thought up a snappy comeback quite quickly enough to justify writing/illustrating it. I hope this makes sense, but if not, all you need to know is that i'll be back by the time classes resume, when i have a schedule/reason to get up in the morning again. This seems to be getting a little too personal, so i'm going to stop with all this negativity.

I'm going to assemble a large body of material to be trickled onto the internet starting as soon as the hiatus is up, so do stay tuned. Exciting things are in the works.

You have not seen the end of Jabber or Babble. Of this you can be sure.



My iPod Broke! What the fuck!

In loving memory:

Friends and enemies alike, i return to you bearing news...

I've started to speak like a courtier! And everything i write seems thesis-driven! Which i hate! Also, finals are over! And i am in Hawaii!

On the airplane i think i sat next to Kazu Kibuishi, but i am not sure. I have always wanted to meet him, and i think he lives in San Francisco, where my flight connected. I slept the whole way, and waking up in Hawaii is not a bad way to wake up.

The natives are really nice so far. We've set up a trading post and they'll sell themselves for ANYTHING shiny. I dunno. I wish you were here, you'd get a kick out of it.

So: there will not be a regular update schedule because i am on vacation, but i love doing the comic and i haven't been able to in a while, so i know i'll be posting more than i have been.
They will be digital stories because i have no scanner.

That is all.

This Day in Song: Voxtrot - Soft and Warm

This Day in Links: GodTube!


Today is Tuesday

For those die-hard fans:

I'm not going to post until friday at the earliest. I simply have too much shit to do. Though there is not going to be any new content, feel free to browse the archives and read any of the news you never bothered with, in your haste to get to the meat of the act. SCOUR the page. it will serve you well.



Today is Monday

In this comic, Jabber talks about kittens!
Not Really! L-O-L!

THIS DAY IN SONG: Band of Horses - Funeral

THIS DAY IN LINKS: The Digital Paintings of Ryan Church


The Earthquake of '73

As promised, i deliver.

Today is a special day with a special comic. It requires a bit of audience involvement!

Step One: Right-Click on this link and open it in a new window/tab. It will open a song called The Earthquake of '73 by the Fruit Bats. You can listen to it as many times as you want, but before step 2, make sure it is paused at the beginning of the song.

Step Two: Right-Click on the image below and open it in a new window/tab. start the song and return to the window with the image, following along with the music. That wasn't so hard, was it?

END CREDITS: Music and lyrics by Fruit Bats (BUY ALL THEIR CDS) Art and lettering by AW. Format based on this guy's series, which is better than anything i could ever hope to accomplish.

That took me hours. Seriously, that was the most effort i've put into anything in a long time. There isn't much news with me except what was already covered in the previous post, except that Guacamole is FUCKING GOOD. So far as the above comic goes, I hope you liked it. In retrospect i enjoyed making it, however tedious it was to get it the way i wanted it to end up. In the future i will plan these things better.

THIS DAY IN SONG: The Voom Blooms - Thoughts of Rena

THIS DAY IN LINKS: Movies in 5 seconds

I hope you all prosper in your endeavors. next post will be on monday.




Hey there! I thought i'd update you on what's going down for the next few weeks.

First Off: Finals
I have hella-studying to do. For this reason, updates will not be scheduled as they normally are.

Second Off: Spring Break
I will be without a scanner for about 12 days. Therefore: it will be largely single-panel cartoons through most of the rest of March. I may do some digital stories, but that remains to be seen

Thirdly, and most immediately:
Friday's post will come on Saturday, and probably late in the day. Schedule your lives accordingly. i have a plan though. It will probably change your life. Saturday's post has me tittering like a school girl even now, while it's still in the storyboard stage.
Things i can tell you:

It will involve Babble
It will have a new format
I will need to learn some html if i want to do it properly
It will, if all goes to plan, be heartwarming and cute.
Hint: ExitMusic

To make up for this lapse in continuity, i will now post a song of the day and link of the day early. And a new one for Saturday's post, when the time is right.

THIS DAY IN SONG: The Annuals - Fair This is one of my favorite songs this week. Buy the album, you will not regret it.

THIS DAY IN LINKS: One of the Funniest Videos Ever Seriously, i laugh every time i watch this. It's totally absurd and wonderful. It reaffirms my unabashed hatred of TV (except Lost). I hope you find something special in it.

Also: whoever is in charge of marketing for JabberComix in South America and Africa, i will have your head.

Fare thee well, readers. See you on Saturday.



First off: I'm posting later than i usually do. Also, i got a hit-counter from google analytics and it's serving me well. Almost 20 hits today! Holy testes, that's more than i had expected this early. ANYWAY:

In the days since monday there have been some new developments which you can read about below this, or not. Here is the single panel cartoon:
First off, i'd like to thank everyone from the PWOT and Truth and Beauty Bombs message boards for your constructive thoughts and words of encouragement. It really does mean a lot (so much as it can, being internet communication). BUT: there are two sides to this coin, the second i didn't expect or foresee.

On one hand, i really desired criticism and recognition from people who i am not close friends with or related to by blood. It was nice. The down-side to this is that i got a sense that i needed to make changes in certain areas AND that i had viewers to please. It made the writing process strenuous, to say the least. I drew/wrote/tossed three comics before i arrived at this one. My ability to make these sorts of things just sort of flow out of my imagination/experience was sort of hampered. My focus, for the last few days, has been to create something funny as opposed to something truly mine. I'm pretty sure this sentiment has been expressed about a thousand times better by someone smarter and more creative than I, but i hope i've gotten it across regardless.

In closing: Nothing has really changed permanently, but i enjoy exploring these sorts of things and putting them out there so they no longer burden me. I appreciate all the traffic these new viewers have given me and the strength that they've given to my resolve. I appreciate that very much.

So here's the comic!
The songs, in case you don't get it (Push the Play Button):
Melt With You
I Love My Sex
How Could This Happen to Me?

A Moment Like This

Different Names for the Same Thing

Followed Quickly By The LINK OF THE DAY: My Dear Friend Aaron is much better at figure-drawing than i am, and his style is more expressive! It's not comics, but it's very admirable, good work. Check him out, you will not be disappointed.

After discovering The Hype Machine i think i'll add the "Song of the Day" as a feature. Yes, that sounds pretty good.

SONG OF THE DAY: Kavinsky - Testarossa Overdrive If you enjoy electronica and fun stuff, you should enjoy this.

That is all.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying
-Robert Herrick


About an hour early...

Comin' at ya bright and early today.Friends!
How goes it? I had to post an hour or so early because i have work to do, but i doubt that this fouled up anyone's schedule, so i'm not apologizing. The single panel cartoon is a doozy, eh?

This is a story about cleaning, what goes into it and what comes out. viewer discretion would be irrelevant to advise.

As far as news goes i have to write a 5 pager on El Cid now and turn it in in 12 hours, so have a good monday and conquer your dreams.

Link of the Day: rofl cat dot com: because there are never too many "i'm in ur base" jokes.


Okay, As promised.

3 hours later and i have a post! there really is no reason i can't do this 3 days a week.

In this comic, Jabber considers human sexuality, makes a run for it and comes to a conclusion, with the help of a bulletin board.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine calls it "A Rock-em Sock-em caper that leaves you wanting more."
I hope all is well with you. For any news, look at the post below this. for the link of the day: LOOK NO FURTHER

enjoy your weekend.

HEY FANS (all ten of you)!

I haven't written a comic yet!


But i have an excuse! i mentioned my research paper, i believe. Well, the good news is that i kicked its ass! The bad news is that, even though i would much rather write and illustrate another Jabber adventure, I had to spend almost EVERY SECOND between wednesday's post and today's working on it. The little time that i wasn't writing/researching/revising was me chugging water or drinking eggs to beef up for my task. because fitness is important.

It was hard going, but i made it through, albeit feeling like i'd just spent the last day and a half making out with a dementor.

SO: i will try to post a comic by 8:00 p. PST. That means, if you live in Moscow, try checking at about 7:00 a. tomorrow.