Extreme Makeover

I'm sure there's a story about this man that's true, but the imagined one i have in my head is probably no less disturbing. This is easily one of my favorite images i've ever seen.


Introspection, followed up immediately by a self-portrait


Serendipitously, i'm working on a modding project for Cortex Command about zombies, which is cool, but one of the hero-characters on the human side is named Aiden. Someone who affected me a great deal (and probably can't even remember me) shares the same name, and while i won't go into specifics, this little bit of concept art for the project has a real emotional heft to it, and i think that comes through in the piece itself. If it weren't for the project i may have continued not-thinking about him and what he represents to me. It had been about a year, and now, in a lot of ways, i'm back at the beginning of that year.

This all sounds very homosexual to lay-persons, but rest assured that the person to whom i am referring turns five soon, give or take a year.

And it's not like THAT, either, sicko.


Artdump again.

I've been working pretty hard on a new project. I've also made a couple comics. And i've written some stuff. In fact i've produced a fuck ton of content for this blog, but it's kind of nice not immediately posting it up somewhere.

That is, it was nice, until i started doing it again on the Cracked boards. So here's a bunch of art.

And there's a lot more where that came from! But i'm not going to post it, because it's three in the goddamned morning.