I've been doing nudes non-stop for like 3 hours. HOORAY FOR NUDES! I think i'll start doing men next, unless that makes me gay.


new arts

Also, tumblr is apparently the hot new thing. They made me do it.


Graceful Conflict Resolution.

Okay, so i'm driving down the street on which i live this morning, and i see a very pretty woman in her thirties with her three kids and a bike and a red wagon and some other shit. Her youngest son is wearing a red poofy coat and swinging his arm around in a circle. They look like a family group of nice herbivores on some David Attenborough program. It's really cute. i smile at her as i pass, and she smiles back. I decide in that moment that it is a beautiful day.

After i pass her i see that the Toyota in the oncoming lane pulls across into my lane. I look for a reason for him to be cutting across my path, a driveway or something, and see none. His eyes are locked with mine. He's very clean-looking but not square, like a suburban dad who used to snowboard a lot in college or something. he's about 35. I am in a good mood and pull up onto the curb next to him and roll down my window. He doesn't look all that happy. I decide to be amiable.

"Hi, can i help you?" the dude behind me is expressing some impotent rage at both of us.

"Did you see those people trying to cross the road back there?" he says.

"Yeah, the family?" he still doesn't look happy, but not exactly pissed. Maybe he's the dad or something, or just a really dedicated neighbor. Or just some middle-aged guy looking to be angry at a young person. I couldn't tell. "I didn't see a crosswalk or anything."

"Well, you don't need a crosswalk.", he says. I know in my heart that this man is talking out his ass. I try to be generous, because this man could really ruin my day.

"Well... don't you? I mean, if you want the right-of-way?" the guy behind me beeps his horn a little. I turn around. "Man, fuck that guy." i say as an aiside.

"Yeah, FUCK THAT GUY" he bellows, leaning from his window and flipping the guy off. The guy behind me stops honking. I'm glad the focus isn't me at the moment. I start to sweat, i don't want to be there anymore. I'm in the middle of a giant clusterfuck of residential-street rage. before he can speak again, i interject:

"Look.. uh, sir. i didn't mean to cause any problems or anything, but we're sort of causing one for these people right now." I indicate to the long line of cars stacking up behind us.

Some manly sort of understanding happens, a kind that i'm not overly familiar with because i'm not that manly. He nods, i nod and he pulls out of my way. The windows go up, the honking stops and we go where we need to go.

I check in my rear-view and i see the pretty woman and her little kids making it safely across the street. I see the man in the Toyota waving to them. Everyone smiles, and while i'm a little out of alignment from what just happened, i realize again that it is a beautiful day.



I've been doing lots of non-sequential art lately. I think i'm going to compile a list of my worst fears.

I take on too much worry, if my therapist is to be believed.

I had a dream that i was a pumpkin, and then all this shit just started happening.

I really like that leonard cohen song "The Partisan", and i chopped up the lyrics and pasted them around after the fact to come up with this one.

Sometimes i look at my shoelaces and i wish they were a slightly brighter shade of beige.


Article coming: Lookbook

I did not know about lookbook until one of my more stylish friends told me about it. And it is hideous beyond reckoning, eroding my formerly rational mind into a fine ash.

I plan to write an article (accompanied by pictures) for your reading pleasure. because FUCK LOOKBOOK.

Yes, i had to try it out...