It's Coming, Motherfuckers.

That's right, bitches, it's on its way.

Prepare yourself for the following:
-Sequential Art
-Challenging and Expressive Monologue by Danica Humpries
-The Illest of Hip-Hop Narration by Isaac Rubio
-One Dope-Ass Picture Story by This Motherfucker Right Here

and, most importantly:
-All of these things working together to create a multimedia experience that is more than the sum of its parts.

You are excited now, and should give me money.


Holy Shit, Biggest Douche Ever

From a certain someone on facebook that is now my nemesis for being a longwinded, over-educated twatburger. Holy shit, i am so glad i haven't had a class with this chode, or any chode of this magnitude.


It's Easy Being Green

I’m Allen and my state bird is the road cone who sits in the grass between Eastbound and Westbound,

About as personal as the complimentary IKEA pencil offered by the Plexiglas dispenser next to the carts.

Twenty one Septembers ago what was I? Was I Some God’s one-in-a-million, waiting in a queue for Some Meat to hide in?

They’d lie, “Yes, Amen”, but I was a sex puddle; a worrisome smear like every other.

Today I’m this healthy crocodile who sits under our watering hole, one who’s over the whole “tears” thing.

I’ve had my man strings plucked in the rainy season, seen a magic number or two in the neutral sky, but I can’t even remember my plate number.

I’d squeeze the fine gray oil from my bones if I knew how, so I’ll do yours first for practice.

And as it dryly leaves then maybe I’ll hit it with a hammer or something harder, whatever they used on the last Dodo egg.

Then quickly plead for the stuff to come home before it gets too bent about the whole thing. Understand, I'm just covering my own bases.

I can lengthily talk about myself, plucking my own “strings”, to use my own vernacular.

And it could fuel the chills that run up you, make you wretch your blue sick all over my tasteful dust-in-so-much-wind.

What a waste that we rarely sit down and sort through this, the afterbirth - that we just bang on our pots and apologize about it later.


Preview: Video-Comics-Poetry-HipHop Project

I figured i'd put up a teaser of a panel from a 90+ panel video-comic i'm doing in conjunction with a poet and an MC, to be performed on Friday at SPU. Hint: I am having sex with the poet, and the MC is my homie.

Either way, Onward with the teaser!


Th full array of sounds i make on a daily basis.



khak, kha-khough.





Puh. (Peh).