Scanner Drama, Dart Guns and Glistening Eyes.

HELLO! I have 26 hours to write an 8 page research paper so i have to keep this short!
As promised, i have posted a single panel cartoon above that should be simple enough to understand/fall head over heels in love with.

In this episode we are introduced to Babble, whose relationship to Jabber is unknown... FOR NOW. Some things to know about Babble before reading:
-He does not speak much.
-He means well.
-He is not overly courageous.
-He has a soft belly.

I think you're adequately prepared now. I also can't draw spiders.

LINK OF THE DAY: this man is a genius. Watch all of his movies.


JabberComix, Dear Readers...

The following single-panel cartoon is sort of based on fictionalized actual events:
Today is a good day for updating! I've come upon the notion of adding one new Single-Panel, digitally-fashioned cartoon and one new multi-panel, grass-roots, ink-on-paper story each time i update. I hope i can keep up with the goals i've set for myself with this comic. Every bit of support helps.
How to Support this comic: Tell your friends! if they don't like it, find new ones! They're everywhere.

On this fine Monday, Jabber teaches us a trick and a valuable lesson in 4 steps. The scanner i have to use until Wednesday does not pick up my grey markers' ink so there appear to be no shadows. This is merely an illusion. I'll re-post this comic once the good scanner starts to work again.
Poor Jabber. Next time, he'll remember to not expect happiness in the little things. And he said a swear. If this lesson touched your heart, please, comment using the "comment" function.



The Next Few

Happy Friday, everybody. i have two new comics for you and a piece of character art!(above) Yowzas!

The Daily Link: http://graffitiresearchlab.com/?page_id=76

Anyway, here are the comics.

This one is about Jabber's Dreamlife. My scanner is awful, by the way.

This one is about Jabber feeling unwell. Pieced together from actual events.


The first few

CLICK TO ENLARGE! these are the first few strips i've done on paper. This first one was done in January, 2007

This one was done earlier this month. This one was a fun exercise in drawing Jabber doing silly things. Done this month

This one was done a few days ago. I am from Indianapolis but I live in Seattle. I was back for President's day weekend. This was done on one of the flights back here (which is why the lines aren't straight).
This one was done yesterday. it is full of whimsy.

In the Beginning

This is JabberComix. you will figure it out in time.