The best outlet for anger: Strategy games.

Risk, Dawn of War, Command and Conquer, Warcraft II and III, Starcraft, Red Alert. Shit, i survived puberty and adolescence thanks in no small part to those games and others like them. They just don't make them like they used to, and the best ones are always, ALWAYS (if you'll pardon the nerve-grating expression) indie games. I'm serious, i hate the snooty posturing purported by the coffee-bar crowd (yes, this phenomenon exists in the development community), i really do. It makes my fucking blood boil, and i don't care what you say, Animal Collective is a bag of dicks. Seriously. All the dicks. And Zooey Deschanell (sp?) was waaaay cooler when i dated her clone in junior high school, not that i was ever convinced any of you liked actual women anyway. Fags.

(pic unrelated)

Anyway, yeah, nerd-shit. So i'm unapologetically addicted to Cortex Command, i'm sure i've mentioned in in passing. I've done a lot of work on user-created content for it, it's got a hold on me. I'll admit it. I have a problem.

I spend so much less time in front of the computer (or, rather, for the last two or so years i have) than i used to, i didn't play console games for like a year. I went on a sabbatical, got my finger off the pulse of my favorite forum, stopped blogging as much, etc. I dunno, i came back and i noticed all these changes to my favorite old internet hangouts, it's like moving out of your parents' house and coming back to visit a year later.

I think i'm done with this line of thought.


Watching "Bubba Ho Tep" with mark at midnight...

on a monday night. and we might be a little fucked up.

My options for a fluid with which to take my antidepressant tomorrow morning.

-Irish Creme (Offbrand)
-Coffee liquour (Offbrand)
-Hendricks Gin
-Beer that tastes like cough syrup that i didn't pick out
-Cough Syrup that i did pick out
-Tap Water
-A little bit of Perrier (for Gin and Tonics, mainly)
-Tonic Water
-Raspberry Sorbet
-Warm Backwash of a Decent Beer from tonight

I might have a problem.

Egypitan Rituals are really sick. They really make me terrified of what future burial rituals might be like.

Mark informs me that he "Fucking loves stevie-ray, man." We agree that John Dies at the End is a pretty good book. I inform him that Don Coscarelli has the movie rights and i really like delivering news that brings so much joy. I hope David Wong feels the same way, i guess, but i doubt he reads my blog.

Anyway, Bruce Campbell, as it turns out, was in The Hudsucker Proxy which i have just recently seen for the first time. We were gonna watch "Raising Arizona" tonight, another classic i haven't seen, but i wanted to be sober when i saw it for the first time.

Movies that people consider "Classics" that i haven't seen in lo these twenty one years:

- The Neverending Story
- Citizen Kane
- Nosferatu
- Titanic (all the way through, at least)
- 8 1/2
- Others, i'm sure

Movies that people consider "Classics" that i think are bullshit:

- Titanic (what i saw of it)
- Romeo + Juliet
- The Princess Bride
- Hello, Dolly
- Beauty and the Beast
- the fourth Harry Potter Movie
- the newest Harry Potter Movie (which was total bullshit, and i hated it and it made me not believe in wizards anymore because it was so fucking terrible)
- Come to mention it, the second Harry Potter movie sucked some serious dick, too.
- The first three starwars movies (don't get me wrong, they were really fun when i was younger)
- Day of the Dead (though there's a funny story about watching this one at 2:00 in the afternoon with about seven people all recovering from the same borderline drug overdose)

But yeah, i ought to go to sleep.


Watching "Stop Making Sense" with mark at midnight.

I have a lot of respect for people who are as totally fucking weird as they really are.

I stopped blogging because i lost a friend. I stopped doing a lot of stuff i guess. I think i'm back now.

David Byrne is dancing with a lamp. There's this other guy guy who looks a lot like Prince plays the synthesizer. He just put on his Buddy Holly glasses. Concerts aren't this theatrical anymore. At least not these concerts i've gone to.

I wish i could have this kind of enthusiasm about anything, anything at all. Hell, i'd take gardening.

I remember going to a party in 8th grade, it was a halloween party and i was the new kid in the school. There was a strobe light and music i hated and i drank a lot of soda. I liked a girl there, but i just absolutely hated everything else. I feel like we could have ended up kissing at some party in high school, but maybe i just fantasized that at some party in high school. I honestly couldn't tell the difference, all that seems so impossibly far away.

Anyway, yeah, strobe lights. There are strobe lights in this part of the concert now.

I'm from indiana, and right now i feel like getting on Google maps, zooming all the way in and following an interstate from end to end. So, if you'll excuse me.



I am going to buy a tortoise someday soon, i think. I don't know anything about tortoises, i don't know what mine will look or act like. I do suspect, though, that he or she will be a slow, stealthy leviathan.

So i need help naming him.

Sidenote: I have not heard popcorn popping in a microwave in years. Am i sick?


Activities update:

I am currently trying to sell my split-personality on Ebay, because i think it's time to get rid of him once and for all, and i think a lot of people could benefit from him. Does anyone have any tips on luring potential buyers?