This one is new. There's some deltron lyrics in this Handsome Boy Modeling school song that are the inspiration (source) for the text there. This was supposed to be me and my new girlfriend, preparing to kick some ass. Turns out that i look nothing like the male character in the foreground, and Danica's character looks more like Meg White than anyone. But yeah, body-type and clothes are really the only things that have any connection to what we are actually like, and i designed the clothes myself so they're fictional as well.

I'm thinking i want to design clothes for a living if comics don't work out. I think that would be pretty awesome, but it's also sort of gay and i bet i'd take a lot of shit for it from gay and straight friends alike.

Anyway, 15 pages to write today, and i don't have any of it done. Cheers.


Fake Diesel Ad

There you are. Enjoy.


So much has happened.

So i've sort of taken a 2 week break to get my shit in order, and it is far from "in order" still.

I'm dating someone now. We'll call her D. I think the less i say about her here, the better, this isn't a blog about my girlfriend. I will tell you that she's fucking awesome though. She helps me.

I've been removed from my apartment and am living in the dorms full time now. It's a long story that stops making sense in the middle and becomes difficult to even talk about toward the end. It was a real tragedy that it escalated to where it is now, but i shall roll with it. I don't really have any other option.

I've been sick as a dog for the last week or so. I'm just now feeling okay again. It was pretty awful, daily nosebleeds and an awful sore throat. It's over now though.

The end of the quarter is approaching fast, and i have a lot of catching up to do in school. The less i talk about this and the more i do it the happier everyone will be.

I got a phone call from my dad and decided not to pick it up, because i was afraid i'd done something wrong accidentally and he was calling to chew me out. I didn't even listen to the message until today. He wanted a movie recommendation, something my mom would like for their saturday night together. I felt like a bad son. Still do, sort of.

I've done a little writing of my own, but i'm not satisfied with it. I may post it later. No pleasure-drawings, no time for that anymore. I'm involved in this drawing thing on the pwot forums. Vote for me if you know what's good for you.

I get the sense i'm losing friends at the same rate i'm gaining them. It worries me.

Okay, i have to finish my paper now. Wish me luck.