doing other stuff at the moment

Yeah, so i know i said that i'd stick with this, but i'm sort of bored with it and doing other stuff. This "other stuff" can be found on my Deviant Art page. It's temporary and when i'm done with it i may come back to Jabber and Babble and friends, but maybe i'll do something different. I may assemble it into a book. I am being courted by publishers like Marvel and Darkhorse for a book and i may just take the money and run, if you know what i'm saying.

So here i leave you, this has been fun. I think it would be lame of me to keep everyone in the dark about update schedules and how i'm actually feeling about Jabbercomix at this time. So yeah, it's been real.

Farewell, temporarily and fondly,



Okay, i lied about the saturday thing.

BUT: Saturday could not be helped. Neither could friday. You know why? because i made out on a gravestone. so, BACK OFF.

it was pretty cool though, if you must know the truth.

new comic some time this week. fuck the mon wed fri thing, i got too much to do/ too many corpses to defile.

later friends,

OH yeah, song of the day: The Rumble Strips - Running Away

Link of the day: Something from the forums again...