"What do i write about?" you ask?

Well, i don't want to brag or anything, but i write depressing little half-thoughts that don't go anywhere, mainly.

Coming up with new ideas for comics can be sort of mentally taxing and usually devolves into nonsense about the time you lose sight of the goal. When your goal is as loosely defined as "Fabricate A Good Idea For a Comic" then this happens sooner than later and you often end up with something like this:

Boy meets girl story (lame?)

Photo-Comic that is drawn over in ps.

Something falls out of the sky and antics ensue

A wordless story about a guy running for his life

Jellybirds and weird buildings story.

Aliens come, but they are really benign


Catwalks story?

Battle with a big spidery robot.

Man with a chainsaw is seen walking to safeway. He goes in and comes out without the chainsaw. Our hero investigates. Nothing comes of it.

A man sets off a tripwire. Everything explodes.

A man is running away from a collapsing city. Something happens at the end.

Slice of life comic (LAST RESORT).

Pod is dropped from space and robots get out. Little spidery ones.

4 or 5 single page stories that don’t go anywhere, but they involve cool shit. All of them photocomics, drawn over in PS.

A man with a dog discovers a dead body on the train tracks.

A man is hit by a bus, and the bus drives off.

A hate crime is committed. OH NO!

A jellyfish eats a smaller jellyfish.

A homeless man gives a Christmas card to another homeless man. Too bad it's May, retard.

A little boat sinks.

An airplane crashes into a truck. No one is hurt, but everyone is a little shaken by it.

A flagpole falls down and hits a squirrel. The squirrel miraculously survives, thanks to its great patriotism.

Our lovers gather round us and make us feel like shit. As always, with trips back home.

The sun sets over a small town as it rises over a different small town with the exact same name.

A car accidentally weaves out of its lane. After correcting, it is promptly hit by another car that is driving on the wrong side of the highway. Before it happens, the drivers of both cars utter the same obscenity, at the exact same time.

A guitar is purchased, but never played.

Today, a man realizes the true value of shutting the fuck up and drawing pictures every once in a while.

Little glints of sunlight play off some blades of grass. There is also a frog there, who ribbits at nothing in particular. It is riveting.

There is a size 10 ½ left shoe on the side of the freeway, almost in the carpool lane. The right shoe is a couple miles down, on the right side. No explanation is offered as to why this is. We are forced to speculate.

They keep this place clean by moving the dirt around.

A dog thought that hole in the fence would be just a little bigger. Now it’s stuck and all twisted up between the links of the fence and it feels like a fool. Poor dog.

A man walks in a small circle before getting on the elevator, just for the fucking hell of it.

A woman screams so loudly that all the lights go out.

The soap in the soapdish is a lot more expensive than the soapdish by itself. Does that make me gay?

All the girls refuse to shut up, and drive our hero to alcoholism and, consequently, to an early grave.

The engine WOULD start, just not for this asshole. Also, it’s sort of cold out.

Your boss gives you a parcel and asks you to give it to him the following day, at lunch time, in front of your coworkers. You sneak a peek inside and see that there are naked pictures of you in it, pictures that were taken without your permission by someone with a very powerful telephoto lens.
You fear for your job, so you make sure it isn’t noticeable that you opened it and peeked inside, and you give it to him the following day. He looks at it and turns it over in his hands, looking for a sign that it’s been opened. He sees none, and frowns a little. You see him holding a similar looking package and talking to one of your other male coworkers later that day. You mention it to no one, even though you think this poor guy deserves a little warning.

Yesterday, someone changed their major. It wasn’t the right choice. Everyone seems to know it except for her. Dumb bitch.

There’s someone else’s hair in the shower this morning. Maybe you should start locking your doors. Maybe you should move. Maybe you should change religions. Maybe you should install cameras. Maybe there’s a ten day waiting period on that handgun you were looking at in the sporting goods store ten days ago, and maybe you wish you’d purchased it then. Maybe you’ll drop by there after work. Maybe it’s not safe here. Maybe it’s not safe anywhere. You should take your mind off it. go fishing or some shit.
Your dad took you fishing when you were younger, and you really liked it, but he was always more of a hunter and he thought it was boring by comparison. He’s been to Africa. Isn’t that neat? One day you hope to carry a rifle across Africa.

A man gets his hopes up, but is disappointed when nothing comes of it. He is hesitant next time. He is smarter now.

A man walks out of the theater before the movie ends, utterly hollowed out by what he’s just seen. The walk home is a lot longer than it normally is. Sleeping is difficult.

Oh hey, a new band. Check out this new band. This new band I found. Do you like them? Oh. Well, I do. And I found them. Not you. You cunt.

Interesting, the things that we see flying out of the windows of our building.

I wonder if, in Japan, they have Clue and Monopoly. And if they do, do they have weird anime versions of it, like we sort of do with the Simpsons?

That man doesn’t like my shoes. I can tell.


She's 68, but she says she's 24.

He ain't. and he has splashy feet.


Ain't Nothin' but a D-Thang

whadda ya know, a guy with a crossbow wearing a wookie-skin cloak! he looks sort of mean, but he's really alright once you get the fuck away from him.

Well, i'm back after a while. Real life has been beckoning and, if i'm honest, overstaying its welcome a little. i miss the internet, i never really have time to just sit around and click on stuff anymore. Maybe that means i'm growing up or becoming a more round character or something, but i miss having a lot of time to waste.

Then again, i do have more time to waste than ever before. I've got a test tomorrow and that's as far as my responsibilities have gone this week.

D is still cool. I'm still generally unsure of everything and i'm still sort of an asshole. I took a personality test to see if my Myers Briggs typology changes when i'm no longer single. but, to quote a verse: "Ya'll know me - Still the same old G (or, INFP)". I dunno, i'm pretty happy. I'm a young, dumb man with a young, beautiful girlfriend in a beautiful city in late spring. It's pretty nice.

I've been drawing a little, mostly on paper. and mostly at night. mostly.

Anyway, here's a recent digital drawing i did a couple weeks ago.

It's the hardcore badass brother of Toad from mario, and his friend who carries a sparkler-staff. They fight crime or some shit.